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This is what a sanctuary for elephants in Sri Lanka look like, Majestic Elephants of Sri Lanka

Nature has filled this world with so much beauty that one cannot help but be in awe of it.

From mountains to oceans, streams, and rivers, from the stars that light up the night sky, to the sun that illuminates our days, there are innumerable living and non-living things that exist together with us.

Planet Earth is home to so much life, whether it be humans, plants, animals, or sea life.

Among the animals that call this planet home are the majestic creatures known as elephants.

The largest of animals to reside on land today, elephants may be as huge as a beast in size, however, they are anything but.

Years of research have shown that elephants are in fact capable of expressing emotions such as love, grief, joy, and anger, This makes them complex beings to understand.

Native to the region of Sri Lanka is one of the three subspecies of the Asian elephant.

The Sri Lankan elephant, known as the Elephas maximus Maximus, also happens to be the country’s national animal.

They are the largest among the Asian elephants and reside mainly in the dry zones.

These elephants usually live in herds comprising of close relatives.

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