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Over 100 of his children are given a piggyback ride by their proud crocodile father (8 Pics)

Meet Dhritiman Mukherjee, a gifted wildlife and conservation photographer from India who has dedicated his life to animal conservation.

It’s no wonder that after 20 years and 280 days in the field, he’s seen his fair share of incredible experiences.

This incredible photo of an endangered crocodile carrying his young through the water is our favorite.

The crocodile is a male gharial crocodile, the biggest crocodile on the planet.

Since the 1930s, the population of an ancient species that was first described around 4,000 years ago has been drastically decreasing.

This adds to the photo’s significance; this father is undoubtedly contributing to the city’s population increase, which now stands at just under 1,000 people.

“This man had mated with seven or eight females, and you can see how engaged he was,” Mukherjee explains.

“When contrasted to saltwater and marsh crocodiles, the gharial is a shy crocodile, This one, on the other hand, was very protective, and if I came too close, it would charge at me, It could be quite aggressive.”

Crocodiles are not uncommon in carrying their young, although they generally transfer them using their jaws.

This would be impossible due to the gharials’ oddly formed nose, therefore they turn to alternative methods, as you can see.

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