Animals | August 5, 2021 10:11 AM | Hang Bona

Adorable Baby Elephant playing around with Wildlife officers

Take a look at this beautiful scenery where these lucky officers got the chance to play around with these baby elephants.

It is soo sweet to see this baby elephant enjoying and having positive experiences with humans early on.

I believe the negative comments below are unwarranted, We don’t know this baby’s full story, how he came to be at the wildlife center, or how sick or injured he was at that time.

This playtime is important to get him out of his concrete pen, so he can feel the grass under his feet, and get a feel for the water.

And I don’t see the wildlife officers as being abusive, it looks to me like roughhousing play.

The kind of aggressive play the baby elephant would be experiencing with his older siblings and cousins if he was in a herd.

Hopefully, the end result is the baby being integrated into a herd of other rescued elephants and allowed to live his life in the forest.

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