Monkey | August 5, 2021 1:50 AM | Hang Bona

Duckling hides to swim while napping with BiBi monkey

It is so amazing to see loving tiny monkeys safe and warm and fed really well, it makes me proud that there are ppl who can take great care of these baby angel’s they are easy to take care of but it is not for everybody, let only loving and rich enough to take care of them well.

It’s heartening to watch adorable Bibi spreading affection around! She is too lovable n so are her companions! Thanks, Dad for gifting them all such a wonderful environment!.

They are so cute sleeping together, bibi is a hard sleeper, It doesn’t even wake her when the duck is moving all around on her.

How can you dislike them, they are so beautiful, And it’s even more interesting in nature, I want to see them in nature.

Blessed to watch your amazing intelligent animals especially BiBi and the little duckling and the PRECIOUS dog.

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