Animals | August 2, 2021 11:15 AM | Hang Bona

Elephant rescue mission: STUCK ON A DAM!

Dramatic footage of Sri Lankan locals helping an elephant who is stuck inside a dam to swim away to safety and also to climb out of the canal way into the forest.

This happened in a very rural area where facilities are limited towards an operation of this scale.

I really don’t understand some of those comments, what else should have been done? They obviously couldn’t tranquilize the elephant because she would have drowned and as active as she was they couldn’t get a rope around her to pull her out either.

When she finally got out they had to scare her away so that she wouldn’t turn around, charge, injure or kill people and possibly fall back in.

I think most commenters don’t realize how difficult it really is to help a wild, terrified 3 tone animal and not get injured have the animal cause massive destruction during the rescue.

I think this ended really well and the elephant hopefully never tries to swim in that chanal ever again!.

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