Salt Bae | May 14, 2021 8:58 AM | Hang Bona

This video can drive you to depression

I’m sorry, but for someone who’s as much of an experienced butcher as he is S, B, didn’t show that with that hindquarter, in the beginning, Your food looks excellent though, This is coming from a Chef/Butcher of 20 yrs, no hate here, just saying.

Nusret chef the best Turkish food in the world, Turkish Food compilation, Fenomenal, sanatate sa ai, adamin dibi karizmaya bak yav hayrana teme looo, Why it is looking so tasty.

Eu qeiria um chefe de cozinha desse na minha casa nei provei da comida dele mais e muito bom já tô com fomer, Any butter n cheese left in Turkey after this?.

I thought its a matrix movie lol but seems to taste food, Who on Earth is eating all of this? I never tasted even one of these recipes, This video can drive you to depression.

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