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BiBi obedient helps dad feeds baby parrot

How on earth did you train such a young monkey to fetch things for you with such great understanding?.

How can that parrot be so large for a baby? this is the sweetest monkey channel for me along.

Yo J R Family, This footage has kept me going through my illness and still continues.

Yes, it’s hard to feed a parrot, It can be put in portions with a soft spatula in the beak? Small still.

Bibishka, how caring, looks so sympathetically, Class, Good luck to all.

The pets are nice, there are no words, but I want to say warm words about the owner of these pets, what a kind, caring young man.

How much warmth of kindness, caress in one word, kind heart, it’s hard to take an example.

A miracle is just a super fine fellow, god is a miracle different, but how friends love each other, a golden heart plays a sea of love.

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