Salt Bae | May 6, 2021 5:40 PM | Hang Bona

Dumped into Salt Bae in France

First-person to meet pepper bae always savage never average, These days u have started laughing more than u usually do, but actually, that’s good, but actually sometimes annoying also, keep it up, He won the world youtube celebrity vlogger award.

Just saying ki u are not as good as mumbaikar nikhil but bro 1 thing I have to say is that your editing and transition skill is 2x better than Nikhil, Lots of love, warp stabilization krne ke bad shot ko Thoda a zoom krdia Kro who side se Itna chop ho KR borders se Bahaar ko NHI saying.

Vlogs Sir I am also in France very beautiful creation In Cannes there is my restaurant GRILL AND WINE if you have no problem you can visit my restaurant and I also want to meet you, Same food problem here in Ukraine, And also the same problem of coffee and chai, I can understand, It hurts.

Bhai tera outro hatale bhot annoying hai uske baad dekhna subs, Badhege me likh k deta hu, it’s not Poisson, its pronounsed as pwason , means fish, I thought you said sow rupaya and then he says no 10 rupaya.

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