Elephant | July 31, 2021 9:14 AM | Hang Bona

A Weak Elephant gets treated and helped to stand up

Thank you for all you do in trying to save each and every elephant, This elephant is clearly old and sick.

You can see the care of the villagers by giving them food, This is not harassment of a “sick and dying elephant.”

This is helpful, No, not every elephant can be saved, But these wildlife officers, along with villagers, took time out of their day to be knee-deep in the mud and muck to do everything they could to get this elephant standing.

Elephant cannot be down for too long, So, getting it out of the mud and up on its feet is important.

Would you let “nature take its course” if this was a loved one? No, you would do everything in your power to try and change the outcome.

Again, maybe this elephant will not survive, but I applaud the efforts of everyone involved, I look forward to an update on this rescue.

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