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Meet the Flame Bowerbird, a vibrant, sunset-colored bird with a creative streak (10 Pics)

With its vivid, colorful plumage that is like a sunset, the flame bowerbird is hard to miss!.

The eyes of these flirty birds shine out above their rich red head and neck and brilliant orange body.

When this bird is in full mating mode, its eyes are nothing short of captivating. It is native to the rainforests of New Guinea.

To attract a partner, it will pulse its pupil size in an astonishing display, as seen in the video below:

When it comes to mating, this one-of-a-kind bird is well recognized for its meticulously built nests.

To attract a partner, these amazing engineers would construct and maintain the most elaborate of constructions known as bowers (thus the name).

It’s hard to believe that a medium-sized bird like this could build such complex construction.

The diet of these birds is unknown, but we do know that they love to consume fruit and insects and that they forage in pairs or trios.

Once a mate is found, the female will construct a separate nest out of softer materials like leaves in which to lay her eggs.

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