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Faith in Humanity restored. An elephant stuck in a canal was saved by humans

The menace at the famous Z D canal is back but it’s somewhat with good news for the elephant and animal lovers around the world.

We all know about the Sri Lankan elephants and their importance as the biggest elephants of Asian elephant species.

Watch and see how these kind people celebrated saving the elephant, Don’t be alarmed the firecrackers are to guide the elephant away from a specific side.

For those who still believe that the rescuers did nonsense things: there are no ways they can pull that elephant off the canal, they have to make him panic so he has no other choice but climbs over the dam down to the lower side of the canal where they can guide him to the stairway.

They are not experts so don’t judge their skills or equipment, they are just villagers who don’t give up trying to help that poor animal and they really got It done.

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