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Meet Eris, the World’s Largest Nose Borzoi Sighthound Dog (10 Pics)

Eris is a Borzoi sighthound that lives in Richmond, Virginia with her people Lily and Savannah.

Eris is one of those unusual dogs who, if it weren’t for her world-record-breaking snout, would make you look twice.

Eris was adopted two years ago, and after some maturation, it became evident that she had a unique nose.

Her nose was measured at 12.2 inches, which is nearly a foot in length.

Because of their interest in Eris’s snout, Lily and Savannah are frequently stopped by passers-by.

“We are stopped a lot because people want to know what kind of dog she is or ask questions.

She also has a large personality, so a lot of our neighbors are familiar with her, and she enjoys greeting them!” Bored Panda was informed by Lily.

Borzoi sighthound dogs originated in Russia, where their name literally means “quick,” and they are known there as wolfhounds.

They may resemble greyhounds in appearance, but they are not the same. They are much quieter than cats and make excellent pets.

Eris’ Instagram account has a sizable following, with over 240k people interested in her life.

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