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Miniature Horse That Was Abandoned And Disabled Is Now Housed With 3 Dog Best Friends

Meet Peabody, a six-week-old miniature horse whose mother abandoned him due to his small size.

Thankfully, Faith Smith of San Diego, California, took him in and today he lives in luxury with his three canine best pals.

Peabody is the tiniest horse in the world at his age, weighing only 19 pounds and being smaller than most dogs.

“Horses are never indoor animals,” she added, “but Peabody is so small that he could never survive outside unless he grows bigger, which we don’t know whether he will. He is currently residing inside the house with the dogs.”

Peabody’s original owners were advised by the vet to put him down when he was too little to reach his mother’s breasts for weaning, but Faith refused.

Despite a variety of difficulties, including his inability to walk, an out-of-line jaw, and even suspicions that he was deaf and blind, she believed he deserved another shot.

Faith rented a van and went across the nation to adopt Peabody and give him a second chance.

His head had grown, his jaw had straightened, and he had learned to walk again since Faith had rescued him.

She also discovered that his eyesight is great and that despite being deaf, he was able to acclimate to his new surroundings.

“I’m going to keep him forever, but I’m hoping he grows big enough to go out with other horses. Otherwise, he’ll just be a stable horse.”

“At first, he was just trying to stay alive. He was simply afraid of falling in love. He does, however, get along with the dogs now.”

“Now that he knows where he’ll get his next meal, he’s starting to play with the dogs more and has relaxed his guard. He’s thinking now that maybe he’ll be taken care of in such a way that he’ll live.”

“Right now, we have a small section where we keep the dog pee pads. As a result, we’re attempting to train him to go there,” she explained.

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