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The first of its kind!

People who follow me here for a while know that I‘ve never had any type of brand ambassador deals or partnerships in the past because.

I am incredibly picky and only want to work with People & Brands who naturally align with my Values & Mission.

When I promote something or someone then only because I Myself truly stand behind it with 100% conviction and I am proud to say that this is the case.

I found the right people for a strong mission, Norqain is one of the last independent ‚‘‘family-owned‘‘ Swiss watch brands.

Despite it being a huge trend in the luxury and watch industry they have for example NEVER EVER produced Croco straps (coming from crocodile farms!).

To make things clear they used to produce normal calf leather straps which are a Standart in the industry (and still can be found in sale) but then when they decided to Team-up with Me.

They also decided to immediately STOP producing FUTURE Watches which consist of any type of Animal products!.

They already produce together with Biwi VEGAN certified rubber straps and will move to apple skin and other alternatives for all new releases starting from today.

That’s a statement! Not just words but ACTIONS!.

On another note, everybody knows that I am Swiss! Swiss Made watches are part of our culture in Switzerland with over 50’000 employees in the industry.

It’s a sustainable and high-quality product that has lives on for generations and I am proud to be part of a young game-changing team with a long-term vision!.

And last but not least we are now working on a new Hakuna Mitaka Limited Edition that is going to be a piece of my life and that will support the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis with 10% of sales! Stay tuned!.

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