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The ways ostrich raising children

The North Ostrich has been added to the endangered species list and the Wildlife Conservation Network sent equipment to help them breed.

Bradley Hasemeyer hit the ostrich farm for five things you didn’t know about these amazing birds, It’s funny how their first instinct when something’s on their back is to just run and run and run until the thing either get off or falls off lmao.

There are humans, dogs, lions, and other predators that love to eat ostrich and ostrich eggs for a meal, Can you imagine how terrifying the charge of the Australian army’s 1st ostrich cavalry regiment could be.

Their eyes are bigger than their brains which tells you how smart they are hahaha, It’s always fun riding something until you trip or get a clothesline, then u booboo on yourself from all the pain.

How’d you not mention the best one, They are sometimes attracted to humans, They are such amazing and interesting creatures! Common birds are the size of your fist but this bird is comparable to a horse.

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