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Ostrich the Flightless Bird

Beautiful Video! However, I Need to Make a correction that Male Ostriches are Larger and have Black and White Plumage, while Females are Smaller with Brown and White Plumage During Breeding Season.

Where else on planet earth could you see such an amazing beauty of nature other than in Africa?? Such a rich Extraordinary continent and hugely resourceful.

These animals are just unbelievably powerful, A ostrich can run 30km for an hour or something, that’s just amazing, you have to love these great creatures!.

The Ostrich is a flightless bird, One of 60 species (You got the Penguin, You got the Emu, And you got the Kiwi), They can run up to 45 miles per hour, which them the fastest 2 legged animals, They have 3 stomachs, When threatened, They attack, And they travel in herds.

I wanted a pet ostrich but maybe I’ll just donate to a zoo for private time with one, they are such beautiful animals.

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