Animals | July 26, 2021 8:39 AM | Hang Bona

CATch Me If You Can 2

I love Michael and his adventures, Would love to see a kid’s game app where they live in a house, and you can clean and decorate the rooms, and help Michael feed, bathe, and put the kittens to bed in a nursery.

I nominate this for the best action/ comedy for 2020, So far, that is, Outstanding! The production is absolutely amazing, Nice salute to Kermit and his bicycle, Thanks, See ya next time.

Why is that lifeguard flirting whilst on duty? Isn’t that against the neighborhood pool rules? Even Michael could do a better job (and historically, he has)! Fire that guy!.


I love that If you put on captions you can understand what the cats are saying it’s like reading anime subtitles.

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