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Fishing is something that a woman and her rescued brown bear friend enjoy doing together (10 Pics)

Meet Archie the brown bear and Veronika Dichka, his human/fishing partner. They enjoy spending time together fishing in a woodland lake.

Archie was rescued from a safari park two years ago, and because he can’t be released back into the wild, Veronika looks after him as if he were a pet.

A photographer documented their intimate bond while on a fishing boat, showing the two savoring their time together.

Photos show them sitting together, waiting for fish, and even holding each other affectionately at one point.

While Veronika sits with her fishing rod in hand, Archie sits next to her, waiting for a fish to eat the bait.

“He sees me as a member of his family, we share food, [he] sleeps in my arms when he’s scared, and he shelters behind me,” Veronika said.

“We rescued him from the safari park, but he cannot be released into the wild because he has spent his entire existence in captivity.”

“Archie lives with us all day and is obsessed with water. He likes it when I take him to new areas, therefore he thoroughly enjoyed our shoot!.”

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