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Calf rescued from a slaughterhouse forms a bond with the family dog and the two have become best friends

In the shape of a 350-pound calf, a family from Santa Clarita, California, has welcomed a new member.

When the calf was rescued from a slaughterhouse, he weighed only 50 pounds and was only a week old. He has since been nurtured at the family home.

Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, who run the non-profit The Gentle Barn, kindly adopted the calf into their home.

He wasn’t in the best of health when they found him: “He had serious pneumonia.” His respiration was loud and harsh. He sneezed a lot and coughed a lot. “He had a very high temperature,” Ellie explained.

They knew that the calf, called John Lewis, wouldn’t be able to survive in their barn on his own, so they put him in an oxygen tent in their living room.

Sky, the family’s Australian Shepard, stayed at his side the entire time until he healed.

“Having Sky’s help — cuddling with him while he slept, wiping his mouth, basically caring him — I believe it was one of the primary elements that saved Lewis’s life,” Ellie explained.

They share everything, even their toys, treats, and the dog bed.

Take a look at this lovely video of the two cuddlings:

“They tussle and run all over the yard, Sky is a puppy with a mouth, and Lewis is a cow with a mouth, but they make it work and understand each other,” Laks added.

“I’ve never had to care for a cow before. This is my first time having a cow in the house, so it will be an adventure,” Laks added. “We’ll see what happens; we might end up with a cow in the house for the rest of our lives!”.

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