Monkey | July 22, 2021 10:30 AM | Hang Bona

BiBi monkey plays funny with a naughty puppy

So funny! It’s so funny to play! Bibi clung to the goatling like a tick, fleeing from the dog, which she herself teases, And then they peacefully “graze” on the grass.

You really need to check out producing a children’s book on these little girls and boys.

I can imagine little children would love it, I know it makes my day and puts a smile in my heart and soul, Thank you.

Babushka is a circus girl, but what a smart goat is worth not leaving, waiting for Bibishka to jump, the dog is good as a plush.

What a pleasure to see them, Such wonderful videos bring only joy, The company is friendly, playful, and friendly, Thank you.

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