Salt Bae | July 22, 2021 4:09 AM | Hang Bona

Salt Bae Amazing Steak Video Shoot 2021

We just gonna ignore the fact that he literally wiped his nose with the herb, It’s just a matter of time this guy’s fingers days are numbered.

Man during a pandemic fucking blows his nose on the Rosemary fucking legend, Saltbae is the 10-year-old kids’ definition of what cool is.

Ahhh so the whole time I thought it was sweaty armchair salt mixed with fingers of who the fuck knows where they’ve been, turns out the crucial ingredient was actually mucus.

And when he sniffed the plant it kinda looked like he was wiping his snot away with the plant, Then comes the message “Customer has canceled the order”.

Lol, we have just gone overlook the fact he put his nose in the herb and cut it onto the meat lol.

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