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Adorable Lion Couple Snoozing Together + Cute Animals Sleeping Gallery

We’ve put together a lovely gallery of animals doing what they do best, sleeping!.

See lions, dogs, seals, gorillas, otters, and more lions, dogs, seals, gorillas, otters, and more lions, dogs, seals, gorillas, otters, and more lions, dogs, seals, gorillas, otters, and more lions, dogs, seals.

The male lion sleeping on the floor with his arm across a lioness, as if they are spooning, is our favorite.

Because lions hunt at night, they are frequently sleeping during the day, They also like basking in the warmth of the earth.

This polar bear has fallen asleep in an unusual position on the sea ice, Polar bears, like humans, sleep for about eight hours each day.

They don’t have a sleep schedule like we do and instead sleep whenever they feel like it.

Lions are frequently seen napping in or on trees, Did you know that male lion may sleep for up to 20 hours each day?.

When a bulldog pup is this young, he or she can sleep for the entire day! Exploring a new world is exhausting!.

Seals breathe oxygen but live in the sea, therefore they sleep in a position known as bottling, in which only their head is above water and the rest of their body is submerged.

Did you know that, like most other marine animals, they only sleep with one half of their brain at a time in order to stay vigilant for any dangers?.

You may have noticed that sea otters sleep with both hands on their chest to help them stay balanced.

A Tanny owl sleeps in a tree hollow and appears to be very well hidden!.

A bold squirrel inspects a sleeping leopard on a tree branch; like lions, leopards hunt at night and sleep during the day.

Possibly the most adorable solo sleeping pose we’ve ever seen, On the jungle floor, gorillas sleep for about 12 hours every day.

A snowy owl and a lynx cat sleeping in a comical posture on a tree.

A black bear couple cuddles up inside a tree while they sleep.

It’s an unusual sight to see a beagle and two cats cuddling together.

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