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Hungry Baby Budgies

This video helped me so much! Thank you thank you! My hen wouldn’t feed her newly hatched chick no matter what, she only fed the older chick for over 24 hours, Then I played this video for her over and over, and now she’s feeding the chick no problem, The tiny chick might have given up and shut up but this video wouldn’t, You literally saved my chick!.

She’s got three more bundles of budgie joy to go! It amazed me how loud they were when my bird had her babies, Like, how can they be so loud? they are just tiny!.

I noticed that the chicks that have hatched will kick the eggs that haven’t hatched out from under the momma bird in an effort to get as much warmth and attention as possible.

My two that I’m trying to breed call back to this, And it makes me sad because I don’t think they know how to parent.

Holy crap look at them all, imagine trying to keep up feeding all those mouths 24 7, And that Mr budgerigar is why should have a budgerigar condom after you took Mrs budgerigar for dinner and a show.

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