Monkey | July 20, 2021 10:01 AM | Hang Bona

Naughty BiBi plays fun with Ody cat

The cats are fat, well-fed, all the time they lie lazily like old cats, do not want to move once again.

Babushka-naughty them all the time bully does not allow them to live in peace.

What, you Bibi is clever, Here are friends with one cat, but you practically do not approach another cat, because you know that he is not very friendly.

Bibi monkey has beautiful eyes I love her cat ducklings goat dog n all love you all.

These two little angels have a therapeutic effect on my life, seeing them interacting with so much affection despite the differences.

I feel calm, happy, confident and I believe that humanity can learn from the little babies to be better and evolve.

Even far away I feel Love for them and respect for their caregiver.

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