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The most amazing dining experience of my life!

I first learned about the famous chef Nusret Gökçe while visiting Dubai.

He’s famous on Instagram as SaltBae for his peculiar way of throwing salt from his fingers to his forearm onto the steak.

He has become an internet sensation with his flamboyant style of cutting steak, making dining a theatrical experience.

Nusret has many locations outside of the United States, and I recently learned that they have a location in Miami, which is about 2 hours away from Naples, Florida.

The only other location in the US was in New York City (and Boston as of a couple of weeks ago), so naturally, since it’s close to home, I had to try it while on a recent weekend trip to Miami.

We wanted to experience the sensation, and it definitely lived up to the hype.

The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance, You will see every type of cut of steak including gold plated tomahawk steak and fillets, and every type of wagyu beef you can think of.

I’m not a steak guy, but these all looked stunning and appetizing, We ordered the Meat Sushi, which was the first time I tried sushi with meat from fillet instead of the traditional fish one is accustomed to.

It was simply awesome, It consists of avocado crème and crispy potato.

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