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While walking down the beach, a couple of penguins were seen holding hands in a romantic manner

Couples and newlyweds walking hand-in-hand on the beach is nothing out of the ordinary.

They adore their partners and cherish every moment they spend together, They express their love for one another through their eyes and tiny gestures like hugging and holding hands.

Their hearts are overflowing with love and joy.

A video of a penguin couple holding hands while walking down a South African beach recently went viral again.

It’s such a romantic scene that it makes all lonely souls envious, Some people joke about why these sea creatures don’t find their partners.

When I read these amusing comments, I can’t stop laughing.

The two take a stroll side by side, They even pause for a brief while to exchange glances, For a few minutes, time appears to stand still there.

The scene (nature and animals) heals our hearts’ hardest places, Happiness, it turns out, is straightforward.

Norma Landeros-Ramirez captured these lovely moments while she and her husband were on their vacation.

They were taken aback by the penguin couple’s thoughtful gesture, The newlyweds hoped that, like the penguins, they would be able to spend calm days together.

“Because my husband and I are newlyweds, I wanted to visit the penguins because I had read that they only had one spouse for life,” Norma explained.

Penguins, as you may know, are highly devoted birds, with a deep attachment between the male and female.

Gentoos, the most devoted and monogamous penguin species, usually always team up with the same spouse during the breeding season.

The amazing thing about penguins is that they break up during the winter, which means they travel up to 10,000 kilometers a year in search of love.

They reunite in the same nest and give birth to more offspring.

Please watch the video below.

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