Salt Bae | July 17, 2021 5:20 PM | Hang Bona

Salt Bae Amazing Cutting Meat July 2021

He literally just sliced the snot from his nose onto the meat sample before wrapping it does have its own smell & taste!.

He just wiped his nose with the rosemary because elbow sweat salt doesn’t give out enough flavor.

If you ever feel bad about life, Remember that this man peaked at dropping salt on his elbow.

I wonder if this guy sees himself as a clown, or is totally sincere it’s the second, it’s really fucking sad.

There’s not enough heat in the world to make me forget that he just ran the rosemary under his nose, Snot, sweat, and little bits of skin.

I was laughing immediately with that instant meat flip around the knife, with the horns section coming in to match.

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