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In this incredible video, a GIANT WHALE BEACHES NEXT TO A SMALL BOAT

Nature occasionally reveals its genuine self, in all of its grandeur, to remind us of how magnificent it can be.

An excellent example of this was caught in the waters of Monterey Bay, a popular whale-watching destination in California.

It was a massive humpback whale breaching the water in front of a little fishing boat, caught on camera.

“The whale is huge!” remarked Douglas Craft, the photographer who photographed the incredible close encounter, I’d probably need some new undergarments if I’d been the fisherman”.

Take a look at the video below to see the astonishing breach in action.

The breaching whale appears considerably larger due to the small fishing boat and the angle of the images.

“I went below deck to photograph via a porthole at the water’s edge, “This is what offers this incredible perspective of looking up at the whale,” Douglas explained.

Kate Cummings, a whale watcher, was with Douglas and took an outstanding video of the whale breaching, She expressed her thoughts on the subject.

“Capturing this video was a lot of fun, The whale had already breached several times, far further away from the fisherman.

When whales breach many times, however, they may also be moving in a certain direction while beneath, gaining momentum for the next breach.

Because the whale was traveling in that direction, I assumed the next breach would be near the fisherman, and it was! I didn’t anticipate the whale and the boat to be so perfectly aligned”.

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