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Young Chimps Rehabilitate A Dying Puppy And Grow Up Together

Jenny and Jim Desmond came upon a sick and hungry dog on the side of the road near a remote Liberian community one day.

The Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue is maintained by a couple, who have experience with animal rescue.

As a result, Jenny understood exactly what to do if the situation arose.

She realized the puppy would die if she didn’t help him, so she picked him up and drove him back to the sanctuary, where she and Jim gave him the medical care he required.

The sanctuary helps to safeguard wild chimps in their native habitat in Liberia by rescuing them from the pet trade.

Snafu, the dog they named, was in poor health, He was infected and infested with worms, As a result, they kept a careful check on her.

Jim was the ideal candidate for the job because he was a veterinarian, Despite the sanctuary’s concentration on chimp welfare, Jim had saved a variety of species in the past.

“From chickens to grasshoppers, Desmond has rescued them all.”

She already looked better after only a few days, Her skin was visibly healing, and her eyes were brighter.

She was then introduced to the other occupants of the refuge, The chimps didn’t hesitate to give her cuddles.

Nobody anticipated how nicely they would all get along.

The chimps instantly fell in love with Snafu, and Snafu was overjoyed to receive the affection, They were not only her friends but also her playmates.

Take a look at the video below to see her journey:

They had all grown up together and appeared to be closest friends.

Jenny found Snafu a forever home in Colorado after she had fully recovered.

She’s now living with her nephews and getting all the attention she deserves!.

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