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The Wild Human Saves Bird From Snake Attack

These birds are not ground nest builders, See these pigeons hollowing out that den LOL, These are well-trained pets, all 3 of them, See the birds throat she says ‘Fuck you I ain’t going in there again!’.

Wild human? He’s wearing football shorts and not fazed by the multiple camera setups needed for his scenes, Still, go wild human, go!, Whatever it was fake or real, but amazing video heart touching always love birds they are a beautiful creation of God.

Nice-hearted thank you thousands of times some throw mouse in snake cage and shoot video You save a clean bird, no matter how far away from civilization, I congratulate you on the mercy of humanity.

Video is a bit of fun with trained animals lighten up people, The animals weren’t shackled or harmed, Bird fears Ella the animal life Chula Teva ellamal involve aka kudathu vitu valatpu bird na thalai edalaam.

Let’s make a video again, same concept but lets put the cameraman in that hole instead of that region, For views and likes they making fake video, I want to advise them to make a real video, maybe it takes time and requires hard work but people appreciate you more than thousands time.

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