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This Hedgehog’s Adorable Adventures With His Bengal Cat Best Friend (20 Pics)

Animals are among the most charming adventurers on the planet, Herbie the cheerful hedgehog and Audrie the Bengal cat are wonderful examples of this.

The dynamic couple travels the world together and with her human Talitha Girnus to see the most beautiful places.

Talitha, thankfully, captures these moments in the form of stunning photos and shares them with the rest of the world on Instagram.

Talitha recalls the first time she saw Pokee, the beautiful hedgehog who sparked the whole movement back in 2015.

“Do you know how it feels when the world comes to a halt for a few moments? That’s how it felt the first time I held Pokee.”

“He was quite quiet, and he laid flat on my hand as if to tell me that he belonged right there.”

Pokee died in early 2019, but his spirit continues to live on via Audree and Herbie.

“In the midst of all the serious things that happen in the world every day,” Girnus says, “Pokee and now Herbie and Audree are here to offer you a cause to be glad and smile.”

“Every time you come back to our page, we want to remind you to never lose trust in yourself and to always follow your heart.”


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