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Big Mistake Eagle Provoked Baby Leopard And The Unexpected

The eagle manages to capture the little leopard okay but why the end video we are shown a leopard capturing an owl in order to make us believe that the mother leopard killed the eagle to avenge her son.

Amen, mother leopard, you asked for it because all mean animals, including you always often kill so many cute baby animals such as zebras, impalas, and others and now I want you to see and understand how they’re cute baby animals’ mothers felt after their babies were killed.

This isn’t one video, multiple videos put together, The last video is a Leopard retrieving her baby Leopard back from a Python that had swallowed the Baby Leopard but gave it up after the mother Leopard attack the Python, Saw the entire video.

This is a perfect example of very bad poor mediocre editing! The baby leopard turned into a cheetah cub then turned into a baby serval cat at the end when it was being eaten by an obviously different eagle! This clip is hilarious!.

May God makes the great Quran our light in this world and hereafter and has mercy on our people who preceded us and my brother Hussein and his good atomic livelihood, for the sake of Muhammad, and May God prays to our Prophet Muhammad and to his god and all his companions.

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