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At Kruger National Park, a lion gatecrashes a picnic in search of food

In the Kruger National Park, lion sightings are uncommon, A safari party recently received the shock of their lives when a male lion joined them for a picnic.

When one of the park’s lions barged in, most likely lured by the smell of the food, staff were in the middle of setting up a buffet.

The gang bolted for their automobiles, leaving the magnificent lion to sniff about the table.

After opting to join them in their sunset picnic, the daring lion left visitors speechless.

Although it’s more likely that the fragrance of cured beef on the table drew him in than the gin and drinks.

The lion sauntered off into the jungle without even a nibble of the goods after a quick look around.

A professional lion tracker was among the group, and he certified that the cocktail party could go on.

Thankfully, safari guide Chris Taylor was able to capture these incredible images and a video for us.

“On these guests’ final night, we as the Londolozi crew decided to go above and beyond and set up a slightly more extravagant evening drinks stop to commemorate their visit in light of the fantastic few days that they had experienced”.

“Little did we know, an unexpected guest would be joining us that evening!”.

“It’s unusual for one to attend a drink stop in such close proximity,” Chris stated.

“As he drew closer, we all sat and watched. He paused for a few moments before continuing, Other creatures have passed through, although usually at a considerably greater distance”.

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