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Extraordinary Occasion Poachers’ traps are dismantled by a pair of young gorillas

A pair of juvenile endangered mountain gorillas worked together to identify and destroy traps put by poachers in the area only a few days after one of their own was killed by a poacher’s snare.

“This is the first time we’ve ever seen minors try something like this, Veronica Vecellio, the gorilla program coordinator of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, remarked, “I don’t know of any other stories in the world of youngsters removing snares.”

“We have the greatest database and observation of wild gorillas, so I’d be very astonished if anyone else has seen that,” Vecellio added.

Poachers seeking bushmeat erected thousands of traps in the mountain gorilla habitat of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

These traps are intended for antelope and other animals, but they frequently catch gorillas, Adults can usually extricate themselves, while children are typically weaker.

An infant named Ngwino had been trapped in one of these traps a week before and was sadly discovered too late.

Trackers from the reserve frequently patrol the area, dismantling any traps that may have been set to safeguard the animals.

However, finding all of them is tough because they are difficult to see and the sheer number of them makes it nearly impossible.

When tracker John Ndayambaje approached a troop of gorillas, one of the silverbacks groaned to warn him about a snare.

Two adolescent gorillas then snapped a branch from the tree, triggering the trap and releasing the noose, They then went on to a different snare, which they also dismantled.

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