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After the mother of an orangutan dies, the father steps in to raise the daughter (9 Pics)

Typically, orangutan fathers in the wild do not play a direct role in their children’s upbringing.

Instead, the mother is allowed to care for her infant on her own, as a result, the relationship between mother and child in orangutans is thought to be the strongest in the world.

Orangutan mothers, in fact, spend more time with their children than any other known mammal, and they are devoted mothers.

Cerah, a two-year-old orangutan, was left alone after her mother died unexpectedly.

Nobody could have expected that Berani, her father, would step up and take on the extraordinary task of rearing his daughter.

“Cerah couldn’t have had a greater father, Berani is incredibly caring and protective of her, taking care of all of her needs.”

The love between the father and daughter can be seen in all of these beautiful photographs, Love can work wonders, and these two are living proof of that!

Berani and his adoring daughter Cerah have become inseparable.

When asked if a father orangutan could take the place of the mother, it was discovered that this was not the case.

Berani’s maternal instincts are powerful, yet he will never be able to emotionally replace his mother.

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