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Eagle Catches & Fights Baby Warthog

Right place, right time, I remember once this little brown desert hawk scared the holy heck out of me, I have never seen him nor heard a thing until he was coming in for the kill, and smashed into the gofer that was about 30ft away from me peeking out of his burrow Until I was sure that I hadn’t crapped my pants that were the most awesome prey kill I ever was honored to be witness too.

If it hasn’t already been stated out of the 2,9 thousand comments the eagle is a Martial eagle, Wingspan wise (up to about 8 feet) it is the largest eagle in Africa, but second in talon strength, according to most authorities, to the Crowned eagle.

What a kill, Hungry king of the sky, martial eagle, The way it walked carrying that warthog by one leg was like a demon pulling a sinner to hell, Nevertheless, a majestic bird used in scriptures as a symbol of valor, attitude, renewing and elegance!!! Love from Bangalore, India for the video.

That was crazy! Poor little piggy! I was waiting for it to fly away so that I could finally see a pig fly!! Maybe then I would get my new car!! My husband told me when I asked for a new car, “When Pigs fly” Well? I would have loved to have shown him a pig flying but all my hopes and dreams were once again dashed!.

WOW, You get some pretty good sightings here and this one has gold wrote all over it, What were the chances of catching that on camera, the martial eagle at its primal best, Those talons at the end were insane Exceptional footage.

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