Animals | July 11, 2021 5:15 AM | Hang Bona

In once-in-a-lifetime photos, a crow rides on the back of an eagle in mid-flight

Phoo Chan is a talented bird photographer with a proven track record; here is one of his once-in-a-lifetime shot series.

Check out the video below to see a crow riding on the back of a bald eagle in mid-flight.

“Crows are renowned for fiercely harassing other raptors that are much larger in size when spotted in their territories,” the California-based photographer notes, “and normally these ‘intruders’ quietly retreat without much fuss.”

“However, the crow did not appear to bother the bald eagle in this frame, and the bald eagle did not appear to resent the crow’s presence intruding its personal space.”

“What made it even stranger was that the crow even made a brief halt on the eagle’s back as if it were taking a free scenic trip, which the eagle gladly accepted.”


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