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Meet ‘Madame Eyebrows,’ the dog who always appears to be in a foul mood (24 Pics)

Meet Madame Eyebrows, an English bulldog known for her amazing ‘eyebrows,’ which often make her look mournful.

The gray patches above her eyes are so finely placed that they mimic eyebrows, and they give her face a lot of emotion.

On the surface, Madame Eyebrows appears to be a sad dog, but this, according to her owner Janina, is deceiving.

Madame is a happy, funny dog in real life, according to Janina: “You only have to see her for a few minutes to see that she is happy”.

“We don’t just see her sorrowful expression”.

“We can see how amusing she is!” And the amount of affection she lavishes on us”.

She enjoys giving and receiving licks and cuddles, and she frequently wags her tail in delight.

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