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Brave Hen’s Mother Protect and Save Her Baby Chickens From Eagle

For those of you wondering, There are several Hawaiian people in the comments stating that there are wild chickens in Hawaii, It’s common on many tropical islands, This is more than likely a beach somewhere and not a desert, That’s why you see the lush foliage behind the eagle and then the sand.

Animals have a basic instinct about how to save their children, Here the eagle is more powerful than a hen but still, she is putting all efforts to save her chicks, It Gods gift, Even a human mother is not that possessive about their children, Hope we learn a thing or two from them.

look how hot those birds, they’re panting trying to cool down, Chickens feet are easily the hottest part of their body, Standing in that hot sand, We have hawks try to eat our birds but over rooster alerts them and they haul butt underneath the coop, Along with our guineas.

Loved this video of yours, You are doing an amazing job May Allah bless you and shower his endless blessings upon you, I watch all your videos and waits for your next upload, Love ur content U deserve a lot more subs and Views, I wish u a lot of success and Happiness.

I had one of those chickens but and has gone missing i missed her and she was easy to catch and doesn’t run fast, I live in riverbank California and I’m hoping to find her she gone missing for over 4 to 3 weeks and still no sign of her coming back.

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