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The courage of the mother hen to protect her chicks, against the onslaught of cobra

I got tears in my eyes, Mom is a superhero, Whether it is animal or Human, She can do anything to protect her children, It’s all a cruel got up filming, The video maker was getting amusement with this experiment on the duo, Forgetting views and money how cruel someone can be.

It’s a fully created video, who made syco, they r taking videos for rating, innocent hen and chicks, they r idiots if u do such these cheap things for their own benefit, then I would request to everyone that plz unsubscribe this channel, stop watching his videos, bloody nonsense.

More Dislikes and reporting the channel is what the viewers should do for such cruel content, I think d chicken could feel d venom already that’s why it’s moving its head, but why d man didn’t kill that stupid cobra.

The person who shot this video is stupid, why would you let the hen be injured just to please the world, stupid content just to gain viewers! you let the hen bitten then later die of course from the venom! u deserved it more than the hen.

Never mind whether it’s an animal, bird, or human, a mother always protects her young, almost all the time, Buti pa yng manok protektahan yng anak samantalang yng ibang Nanay dyn iniwanan lng ang anak.

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