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Mother Chicks Protect Chicks Against Cobra

Most of you are right they should find out who was behind this short film and arrest them because he or she did this for filming purposes only which is so disgusting, Great, good mother, hen, god bless you hen mother love is great in the world mother hen to protect, chicken s babies, punish crime criminals snakes, protect hen chickens.

Ya Allah! destroy those (worse than) animals with two legs who created this situation! Punish those culprits similarly who are responsible for this situation, Ameen! Ya Allah! Punish these enemies of humanity severely, Ameen!.

I also appeal to the government of that place to arrest these criminals and punish them please so that no one will ever dare to create these kinds of situations, thank you, And God bless you if you punish these culprits.

This is man-made, It is so cruel, The person who was taking this video will die like this, This is some frigging blood sport, this ain’t no accident & we are the audience, fair play to the chicken though, she not surrendering her babies.

We have the same situation unfolding on the streets of New York, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Compton, and many more, Animals are preying upon good people for no reason other they get away with it, Yesterday a family of 3, including a 10-month-old baby in a stroller, was slashed in an unprovoked attack in broad daylight, Retribution is near.

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