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Common myna aggressive fight 2myna VS 1crow

These crows normally hunt the first-day baby mynas, when they leave the nest, So the mynas see these crows a threat, The’ll have a problem with Aussie crows/ravens, Aussie crows fight magpies, Our butcher birds, and Kookaburras, etc will feast, Mynas are in Darwin apparently.

It’s brilliant footage my friend awesome capturing that kind behavior in action superb observation my friend anyhow new friend from Brooklyn NYC I wish we can be friends through our channel thank u for your hard work highly appreciate you and stay bless blissful w/ur lovely family and friends.

looks like a total misunderstanding, mynas feet got caught inside the crowd beaks, so myna n his partner are attacking the crow to free it, It’s terrible to see, but I’m glad that there was no human to disturb what normally happens in nature, Let nature take its place and time.

Wow, I just watched another myna battling a crow to save her baby from its grip, Those mynas have real heart, If they didn’t the crows would wipe them all out, Crow got one of the myna’s foot and the other one helped to get his foot freed, Interestingly, the other crow or similar to did not help the crow fight or kill the mynas, So he was on mynas side.

I hate mynas cuz everything they try to steal food from people gets in people’s homes by the window like brb and poop on the floor, Please kill these Indian mynas because they are the threat of extinction for other small birds and sparrows.

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