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Incredible EAGLES and HAWK Attacks

This clip features some of the most incredible eagles and hawk attacks in the wild including Crowned eagle snatches a monkey out of a tree, golden eagle hunting fox in Mongolia.

Eagle hunts deer in a spectacular chase, martial eagle vs warthog, golden eagles snatches a mountain goat off a cliff, sparrow hawk hunts songbirds in a spectacular high-speed chase, African fish eagle takes out a flamingo, hawk vs squirrel.

Osprey dives headfirst to pluck a large fish out of the water, eagle vs bats, great grey owl hunts vole in the snow, and more incredible eagles and hawk attack moments.

As aves si pueden atrapar con sus garras Animales tan grandes, no tendrian problemas con llevar por Los aires a niños o matar personas y Despues devorarselas, I really don’t like the way some animals attacks other animals but that is the way it supposed to happen, its adventure.

do you have the complete video like for the last scene where the eagle flying with the goat, that goat seems times heavier than its predator, Hitchcock should have used eagles and hawks in his movie, “The Birds,” It would have been even scarier!.

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