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Naughty Elephant Drops Down Welcome Mat Of A Hotel When Caught Red-Handed Stealing it

Elephants are among the most adorable creatures on the planet, However, even the cutest and most well-mannered animals may sometimes cause trouble, even commit “petty” crimes.

If they are caught red hand-handed, they will show us an innocent face, It’s like “I don’t know what is going on”, I’ve read an article about a baby elephant hiding behind a narrow pole when caught red-pawed eating sugarcane in a farmer’s field.

Who can stay mad at these clumsy, lovely animals?.

This elephant can also make you fall in love with its quick reaction, The cheeky animal got interested in the welcome straw mat at the front door of a hotel, so he picked it up with his trunk, and shoved it in its mouth, He supposed that his “job” went smoothly.

However, it failed during the last seconds, Some people standing nearby noticed his “crime”, Are you curious about what the naughty boy did at that time?.

He dropped down the mat immediately, He mischievous elephant wanted to exclude the evidence.

And these adorable moments were filmed on camera by Dawie Maree, manager of the South Luangwa Wildlife Camp in Zambia.

This hilarious incident happened outside the reception of the safari camp.

As it turns out, the naughty elephant mistook the doormat for exotic human cuisine, He approached the reception to ask for some snacks.

David also shared that life at the camp was never boring, They met and cared for these gentle, adorable giants every day.

If you visit the camp, you can see the happy smiles and laughs of staff and visitors here.

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