Salt Bae | July 4, 2021 9:34 AM | Hang Bona

Sweet Beef Wellington By Salt Bae Express

Big bites, meat looks very soft. I like this look, looks magical.

I like the way of modifying things that don’t fit together and cook them into delicious dishes.

Here I have been following P since the first clip and P still doing strange things.

When salt bae came to see this clip. Type that reply, can’t think of a joke.

all white shirt UwU can’t cover the belly, PS Grab panda for a while.

I’m new to making a channel. Please come to support me. Someone is kind and kind.

If making a Beef Wellington menu, I’d like you to dress up as Godon more.

It’s a pity to see that poor people like me can eat all month.

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