Animals | July 4, 2021 4:32 AM | Hang Bona

Love knows No Limits

Wild Animals are usually very used to ticks and they naturally just live with them until they fall off or go over to another animal!.

But in some cases when there are too many Ticks on one spot they can cause bad wounds!.

These open wounds then serve as a perfect ground for flies to lay eggs and eventually the host (in this case Chuckie) can end up with a deadly infection! (If not treated).

Through my close relationship with Chuckie, I immediately spotted the issue and decided to give her a helping hand with it, before it gets worse!.

The strong bond & trust I have with Chuckie or even the Lions is a HUGE advantage in such situations! Instead of making them go through a stressful process with the Vets including Anesthetics.

I can just sort out such issues in a playful way without them even realizing that something’s wrong!.

Use YOUR Power, YOUR Advantage, YOUR Knowledge, YOUR Qualities to help Others, cause true Happiness is not found in what you get from someone but in what you give to someone!.

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