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Top 10 Most Stunningly Beautiful Birds in the World

My teacher has a male golden pheasant in her backyard and it is beautiful, Name is Kevin, Doesn’t interact much with humans, but it is beautiful to see him from the couch towards the lawn, Rainbow lorikeets are my favorite type of bird, It’s a shame they didn’t make it onto the list but at least they get an honorable(and well-deserved) mention, All these birds are absolutely lovely.

I can’t believe the beautiful cardinal is not on this list, Not even as an honorable mention, when the cardinal is one of the most beautiful birds in the world with its beautiful and radiant red-colored feathers, not to mention its a beautiful song, At least my favorite bird made this list at #10, It’s a big shame that the cardinal, which is my second favorite bird after the Blue Jay is not on this list.

Peacocks are not only one of the most beautiful birds in the world, but also one of the most beautiful animals in the world, I usually see many peacocks roaming around in my neighborhood, My dog usually barks at them though.

Honestly, there are way too many beautiful birds that can be summed up in a top 10 list, There are so many gorgeous birds, just to name a few, there are stunning hummingbirds, mandarin ducks, crowned pigeons, Tangara Fastuosa (you need to see this one!!), some starling species. woodpeckers, orioles, Gouldian finches, grey crowned cranes, and the list goes on and on!.

I think the Eclectus parrot also belongs on this list, I think it’s the most pretty parrot in the world, also his behavior in nature is totally different than all other parrots and even the mating system is different from any bird in the world, but I liked this video thx!.

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