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The Best Of Eagle Attacks 2018 – Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights! Wild Discovery Animals

I live in Southern BC Canada and around here Eagles are the king of the jungle, THere are Three pairs nesting in the area, and they will eat house cats, A Bald Eagle attacked my cat, and when I tried to rescue her, it hit me hard with its wings, I took the beating like a proper Canadian and managed to distract it enough to grab my little female cat, Thankfully their diet is mostly fish, so I can let my cat out fully supervised, occasionally, They think cats are rabbits because they look alike from way up above, They eat them anyways, Eagles far outnumber house cats around here.

Eagle comes to you at gun speed, I have an Eagle scar on my ear lol just for living in a house near the tree where her nest is, At the time, she was giving birth and I decided to go outside the corridor to chill and she came at light speed to grab me by my ear and slap the fuck outta me with her wing, My ear bleed like hell and I was deaf for like an hour from the slap, I shifted the next month.

Before I met & married my husband I dreamed an eagle as big as a human caught me, I was terrified but to my surprise, the huge bird did not hurt me, instead of hurting me the eagle gets so close to my face & rubbed its face to mine, It also had a scroll tied up to 1 of its legs, Thank God that was just a dream even though I was totally unhurt.

When I was young, my Grandparents lived very close to Toronto’s Pearson Intn’l Airport, In the summers’ we would sit outside in the afternoon and watch the Falcons from the Falconeering program at the airport, take down seagulls and other birds, Most probably know, but if you don’t, airports around the world usually have a bird-of-prey program to keep the airport areas free of birds that can cause issues with planes landing/taking off, It was amazing to watch, Those little buggers are incredibly fast when they dive for a target they reach speeds of 390 km/hr yep, 390!! We met one of the falconers who told us that the seagulls/pigeons usually die from the impact and the Falcons don’t even need to kill them after they’ve caught them.

I just now realized why there was no pigeons where I used to live, or squirrels, None, In the entire area, And then I noticed a hawk ( I think, It was brown and big) lived in the tallest palm tree in the small park that was in the middle of the entire neighborhood, I only noticed it cause two neighbors owned domesticated chickens and all but one vanished, The last one was put in a large cage for its safety, Then there were some rumors of small pets gone missing, and one impossible sounding one of a hawk swooping down and swiping a small chihuahua out of the owner’s hands.

I saw the bird land in front of me in my yard trying to get my new bunny, It missed, It had a massive wingspan, My fat terrier mix scared it off (too fat to be in danger of being carried off), It tried to get my small bunny another time too, Unfortunately, the third time I lost my bunny to it, When we moved, the was hawk had chicks with it, I saw one big hawk and three small ones flying in the sky over the area, Hawks are efficient hunters, And scary for sure.

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