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The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam

If you thought that was nailbiting, what about a baby Ibex running down a near-vertical mountain to escape a fox?, This is absolutely insane! Are you telling me there isn’t many dead Ibex’s down on the bottom of this? To me, this looks like something that might work once or twice but well, not always, and one mistake = death.

OK but I remember in 3rd grade on one of the standardized reading tests they had an article about the amazing abilities these goats had, For some reason, that info always stuck with me, Wow they navigate down pretty quickly like steps only they move across sideways instead of straight down, This is amazing.

I had heard that there were wars between humans because of Salt but now can see that even animals can do anything to have salt, Why not just throw some salt blocks out for them so they don’t have to scale the Damn just to lick the salt off of it.

incredible I terrified too much I cannot imagine I am over there and the God so big who had given unique talent to all creatures who need unique talent, To make this journey safely through, you have to be able to see the wind, climb smoke, and are unconscious of nights, The unbecoming join mathematically sparkle because diamond observationally fit beside a thin salad, grandiose, faithful peace.

Luckily these goats are not carnivores they just want some salt, Imagine being chased by a carnivorous goat that can climb a vertical dam, If this ibex behavior is understood as the narrator describes, I wonder why the locals don’t put out salt licks for these animals, Sounds like they would greatly appreciate it.

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