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Dolphins and Birds Team Up to Go Fishing

Why you don’t say that the dolphins are trying to help others, instead of crying about the title we might as humans learn something from these helpful dolphins, However, I believe we humans more like the birds, just a thought.

it’s kind of like how Democrats let the Republicans do all the hard work and then swoop in and share in the fruit of their labor while having to do nothing but wait on the sidelines and scream obscenities at the people working.

This is how we evolved from fish, Forced to come to land for food slowly, 100 million years and they will be walking among us, Birds always take advantage of other people’s work, haha cocos find a nest, kick out the eggs then leave their own baby for the other bird to look after, so lazy.

and I thought the Egret will signal the Dolphin where the pack of fish located, but No the bird just stealing food from the Dolphin so where is the Collaboration here? Dolphins are intelligent animals, so they like to know about some differences of outside water species may be or it may be their habitual action of daily life.

Breathtaking, Not only did the dolphins figure this trick out on their own, but they also manage to teach it to one another, Incredible, Amazing communication ability, those animals have.

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